Thematic Night, June 2014

Our Thematic display nights have almost no rules – yet sadly few people enter.  Those that do enter entertain us with a great selection of material.
Russell – Apes – Gorillas, gibbons, orang-utans, chimpanzees – a great range of stamps with great research into the different apes.  A nice display typical of Russell and most commendable.

Brian W – Smiles –  Needless to say a superb range of different sorts of material including stamps, die proof, covers, slogans, stationery and various stickers and other bits featuring smiles.  Some of the stickers for dental care were very silly but it made a great display – a worthy winner and I daresay that it brought a smile to everyone who looked over it.
Although won by Brian he claimed to be disqualified as he did not put in enough sheets  (10 instead of 12-15) and defaulted the prize to Russell.  It was nice show– if only to see a die proof of the NZ Smiling boys in Brian’s display.

They were both good and offered different perspectives on how to approach a thematic display.