Meeting 24th April 2019

My other hobbies night
It was a very interesting evening – mostly stamps in the sale-by-tender- a lot of themes – even some Western CDs! – very little in postal history or covers.
The display was my other hobbies

Joe brought beer mats – including a huge one from Heineken,
Ken a set of “stamps” that Princess Cruise line puts out for each cruise,
Brian, maps, a torch and a compas for orienteering and Rogaining,
Graham – Books on soldiers of various wars or campaigns,
Roger- badges of Silver chain and the Gould Society.
Brian gave a monologue of Albert at the Tower of London,
Pam brought stamps depicting her hobby of cooking and swimming
Russell brought along magnificent photos of African & Sri Lankan fauna that he’d taken on various trips away.

To finish we had Anzac biscuits for supper.